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There are so many different slots out there that it is almost impossible to find the best one for your gaming pleasure. That is now about to change: Yggdrasil’s Dwarf Mine is the perfect game, which offers you more opportunities to win.

dwarf mine

Yggdrasil ’s Dwarf Mine has several bonuses that will bring your experience to a climax. Many different extras have also been added to the game, to keep it accessible to the whole world and people with a lot or very little gaming experience. Enter the wonderful world of dwarfs and earn money in a playful way with this video game.

About Dwarf Mine Slots

dwarf mine

Dwarf Mine by Yggdrasil is a video slot game with five columns and four rows. The game offers the option to expand to seven rows, allowing you to collect more identical symbols on the first three columns. Yggdrasil’s Dwarf Mine has four regular payout symbols that look like dwarf tools, four low payout symbols and four high payout symbols that only appear in the Free Spins Collection .

To increase the chances of winning, a bonus symbol has also been added on the first, third and fifth columns and there are different colored crystals that only appear on the bottom three rows.

All these symbols are placed on the rows in random order. With these symbols you can collect extra spins, which can increase your amount to high numbers. In addition, you also have extra coins, which you can use again for the next spins.

Dwarf Mine Slots Free Spins

At first, Dwarf Mine by Yggdrasil resembles other casino games . You see a number of rows of symbols, which together yield different points. But then comes the bonus drill. A bonus drill gives you just that little bit extra, with which the amount can increase further. Three bonus drills give you the Free Spin Mode . With this integrated Free Spin Mode you can win even bigger amounts at Dwarf Mine from Yggdrasil. At the same time, the crystals in Yggdrasil’s Dwarf Mine build up another Collection Free Spin Mode , which gives five extra spins to be able to win a large amount in the game.

dwarf mine

Identical crystals for a collection of spins

However, the Free Spins do not contain the bonus symbols or the crystals . As a result, it is not possible with the free spins to take out the extra high amounts or to build up extra free spins. You can, however, build up the normal amounts here, so that you have more coins to continue playing or to pay out. In order to give every player equal opportunities on the first play, Dwarf Mine from Yggdrasil gives each new player three red crystals .

In this way, only two identical crystals need to be collected to receive the 5 Free Spins . If two collections are complete at the same time, the crystals can be awarded in a certain order: green, yellow, blue and red . Thanks to the free spins, you still have enough bet left to continue collecting the crystals and thus withdraw the bonus.

A variable inlay for more gaming fun

In order to keep the game accessible, many different options have been brought into Dwarf Mine. When you are in an online casino , you often have a choice of different bets. For example, Dwarf Mine by Yggdrasil has changed this. By default, you invest 2.50 euros . However, you can also change this amount. This can be higher or lower, ranging from 10 cents to 125 euros .

dwarf mine

Collect in an underground Dwarf Mine

Not only these additions to Dwarf Mine from Yggdrasil will give you a completely new experience . The layout also contributes to this. The entire video game is about dwarfs. As soon as you open the game, you will end up in an underground mine. Your journey starts here. You start with the base game, which you can expand as mentioned to increase your chances. Once you have determined your desired stake, you can start collecting crystals and cash amounts.

Calculate your own profit

Immediately you will see different symbols appear after the first spin. There are several ways to add up your winnings. However, you will also see these amounts in your screen, which may make it easier to see your winnings. Multiple of the same symbols increase the win. The final number is the sum of all amounts. You can convert your final coin value to your own currency, so that you know the final amount. The game can also do this for you, but you may want to know how much your winnings are so that you can have it paid out earlier.

Always rounded to whole amounts

dwarf mine

Yggdrasil’s Dwarf Mine offers the opportunity to deposit less than a cent . However, as soon as the amount is converted to your own currency, the amount is rounded to whole cents. This way the game remains fair for everyone and everyone has the opportunity to win a nice amount. If the amount in coins is exactly in the middle of two numbers, then the amount is rounded to the nearest even number . So your coins never end up in odd numbers.

Simply click on icons for more information

Finally, there are several options to have the screen fully focus on the mine or to show more options. This is indicated by icons in your screen. The first is the ‘pay table’, which shows you how much is paid per symbol, explains the different options of the game and explains the different lines that pay out.

In addition, you also have an icon for your playing history . When activated, this shows your last ten turns . If you want to read the rules of the game again at your leisure, there is also an icon for it. This will allow you to better understand the game before continuing to play and increase your chances of winning. Finally, there is also a button for the sound. If you want to play the game in a crowded room, you can mute the sound.

Dwarf Mine Slots Conclusion

It’s best to play Dwarf Mine from Yggdrasil yourself here on TopCasinoBonus to experience how it goes. Therefore, as mentioned before, the game offers you free crystals. This immediately brings you one step closer to the free spins and makes the game easier to enter the world of video slots. It not only speeds up the chance of the free spins, but also gives you the opportunity to immediately get a higher profit from the game. It is cheaper than a casino and pays out instantly.

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